Chapman50 is an exclusive group designed to connect influential Chapman University alumni leaders in a university-wide network unlike any other. Comprising of fifty members under the age of 50, Chapman50 enacts the mission of Chapman University by encouraging alumni leadership and professional development in all fifty states and across the globe. Candidates are civic and professional leaders capable of accelerating Chapman’s international reputation.

Members will be afforded a formal, valued voice in critical institutional matters, especially as it relates to professional development programming. Members will gain access to leading industry professionals, business intelligence and VIP social gatherings. Membership will reflect a wide range of majors and professions to promote a balanced and diverse representation of Chapman University alumni.

Chapman50 offers members a platform to create programs scalable to each college and aligned with greater university initiatives. In order to create a pipeline of alumni leadership, select members may be considered for prestigious university roles, such as the Board of Trustees and Governors. Given the important role these leaders will play at the university, this group is by invitation only.

Sinan Kanatsiz '97 (M.A. '00) approached Dr. Doti, President of Chapman University, with the concept of Chapman50. Sinan Kanatsiz and Dr. Doti are co-founders of Chapman50.


  1. Strengthen university and alumni programming by utilizing the professional network and leadership expertise of members.
  2. Encourage a high degree of connectivity among like-minded alumni leaders.
  3. Provide opportunities for members to advise and mentor alumni peers and students, in order to cultivate an alumni leadership legacy.
  4. Create highly visible events showcasing members’ achievements.
  5. Set the standard of alumni philanthropy through leadership gifts and fundraising efforts in support of the Chapman50 Scholars Fund.


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