How did Chapman50 originate?

Chapman50 is a strategic response to the 2012 Chapman alumni survey which indicated graduates wanted ongoing interdisciplinary professional and social programming. From a university standpoint, Chapman50 is also a way to address a gap in alumni leadership and giving. Graduating more alumni in the last 10 years than the previous 140, Chapman saw the need to provide their growing young alumni population with a spectrum of programs from CUYA, to Chapman50, and eventually developing them for university leadership roles like the Board of Trustees and Governors.  In collaboration with President Doti, Board of Governors member, Sinan Kanatsiz ’97, M.A. ’00 initiated the program based on his extensive non-profit experience.

 What is the significance of the Chapman50 name?

The Chapman50 name honors fifty founding members—under the age of 50—who will make an impact on alumni leadership development in all fifty states and internationally. In support of Chapman University’s mission statement to develop global citizens, members capable of advancing Chapman’s national and international growth will help the university build a powerhouse alumni network.  This is why the group has Regional Representatives who support long-term growth, modeling programming and a level of professional acumen that will set the Chapman standard nationally.

What if I don’t have time to participate in Chapman50 events or attend meetings?

Chapman50 was designed especially for busy family age and professional alumni who do not have time for Board commitments or meeting or event group requirements. As such, the group only requires Council Chairs to attend four annual meetings, with members-at-large attending professionally relevant and other social events as they are able.

What if a candidate does not meet the Chapman50 leadership criteria?

Chapman University offers a host of programs that may be more appropriate from CUYA (Chapman University Young Alumni), the “50 Year Club” for more senior alumni, as well as the Alumni Board. Regardless of whether an alumnus qualifies, the university is seeking a higher degree of engagement with their graduates and will find programs and events best suited to their needs and interests.

How is this group different than the Alumni Board?

While the Alumni Board engages all 40,000 Chapman alumni, Chapman50 is tasked solely with engaging a subset of high-performing alumni under the age of 50.  In terms of group demographics, the Alumni Board has alumni representatives from various decades; whereas Chapman50 members will mostly be from the 90’s and early ‘00s.  Also, Chapman50 has a leadership giving requirement. The Alumni Board does not.  In terms of program structure, the Alumni Board has more leadership meetings and annual events. By comparison, the Chapman50 group only hosts four Council meetings, with a maximum of eight events annually.

What is the Chapman50 leadership structure?

While Chapman50 does not have a board, they do have a leadership collective comprised of Council Chairs who meet quarterly. The Council decides group programming and strategy. College Representatives will attend at least two of these meetings a year to ensure collaboration with and recruitment from each of Chapman’s seven colleges.

Can my spouse or business affiliates attend Chapman50 events?

Chapman50 is designed to be inclusive of family and member’s professional contacts.

Generally, Chapman50 hosts two larger events annually that include a larger audience. Member-only events will include spouses and business affiliates depending on event capacity and giving levels (Executive, Directors, and Associates).

What is the financial requirement for membership?

Chapman50 is currently set up with an alumni age tiered giving structure. The lower level of participation, Associates, is designed to be inclusive of younger alumni who have only recently graduated but show strong leadership and early professional success. Mostly alumni participate at the Directors level with a contribution of $2,500 or more. For a higher level of event participation, benefits, and Trustee mentorship, Chapman50 offers a top Executive tier of $10,000+.

How can I make my annual membership gift?

Chapman50 members can make an annual membership by making sending a check to Chapman University directed to the Chapman50 Scholars Fund, by giving online at, or by contacting Brady Hogan at or (714) 744-7970 directly.

What portion of my annual membership gift is tax-deductible?

Should you decide to take advantage of membership benefits, Associates have a $100 premium value. Directors, a $230 premium value. Executives, a $460 premium value.

What benefits does this group provide for me professionally?

This group provides members with a professional network of like-minded alumni leaders from different careers and colleges.  Events provide members with access to major companies and industry leaders. Within Chapman University, alumni will be groomed for higher level university leadership by our influential Board of Governors and Trustees.  To give your company added community presence, members’ companies might also sponsor larger group events like the Alumni Leadership Summit.  From a hiring perspective, Chapman50 also provides members with access to high performing students and young alumni who might be considered for internship or full-time employment.

What does my annual membership gift support?

All membership gifts go to supporting Chapman50 Scholars, students chosen as the next generation of Chapman alumni leaders. The Chapman50 Scholars Fund is the only program on-campus that provides members with the opportunity to designate their gifts to scholarship funds at any one of Chapman’s colleges. Chapman50 Scholars are junior or students with demonstrated leadership and academic performance.  To develop students professionally and personally, Scholars will be integrated in Chapman50 events and be mentored by members. Upon graduation, Chapman50 Scholars may be considered for membership or employment at member’s companies.

 How does this group support student and young alumni groups?

Members support student and young alumni by including them in a high-level professional and social network at Chapman50 events. Chapman50 Scholars and other student leaders will be mentored and in some instances, even be hired by members. Supported by the Chair of Professional Development specifically, Chapman50 is tasked with hosting at least one Student and Young Alumni Mentorship gathering annually while inviting them to speak and participate at additional signature group events.  Chapman50 will work with the CUYA, Chapman50 Scholars, and SGA groups in particular to support student and young alumni development. Please refer to the events calendar for specific student and young alumni focused events.