Chapman50 member Alyssa Soto hires Chapman Student (alumnus) Vivian Jiang

Chapman50 member Alyssa Soto met Vivian Jiang in November 2016 at a networking mixer organized by the Career Development Center as part of the Career Summit Institute.

Vivian Jiang.jpg

Alyssa, who is a Vice President and Compliance Manager at PIMCO, was impressed with Vivian's intellect, ambition and energy and the two began a mentorship relationship that ultimately led Vivian being hired at PIMCO as a Trade Compliance Analyst. Vivian started her new position on September 25, 2017.

While at Chapman, Vivian was on the swim team. She also won the intercollegiate CFAOC SMIF RFP portfolio competition while at Chapman. She studied at the Institut Catholique de Paris in Spring 2016 and at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing during Summer 2015. She graduated in May 2017 with a BS in Business, double emphasis in International Business and Finance AND a BA in French. Vivian has experience as a Valuation Intern at FMV Opinions, and she brings great enthusiasm to her new role at PIMCO.


This is what Chapman50 is all about: helping students achieve their dream of earning a Chapman education, and successfully transitioning into a career though mentorship and opportunities, directly or through the extended network our members can provide. 

Thank you Alyssa for your leadership, and congratulations to Vivian on her new role and a great start to her career.