Chapman50 member Adam Coughran's crisis management expertise called upon in the news

Adam Coughran.jpg

Chapman50 and Alumni Board of Directors member Adam Coughran ’04 (MA ’10) recently transformed into an educator and entrepreneur following a distinguished career in law enforcement as a police officer. 

While on the police force, and especially in the last few years of his tenure, Adam specialized as an active shooter survivability instructor, traveling around the country to teach how to prevent and survive acts of mass violence. Adam also served as the Tourist Oriented Policing Officer in the Anaheim/Orange County Resort District, a position only five other police departments in the United States have.

Since leaving law enforcement to pursue his passion for education, coupled his years of practical experience, Adam set out to create and develop programs that make people and businesses safer. As President of Safe Kids Incorporated, Adam developed the H.E.R.O. program, specifically designed to teach elementary and middle school children how to respond to life-threatening events with simple, easy-to-remember and truly effective strategies

In addition, as a Principal for Axellium, Adam heads up the Crisis Management practice, focusing on preparedness, training and business continuity. You may have seen Adam on the news recently when he was called upon by ABC7 News and NBC's Today Show to provide some perspective. If you didn't, you can see both videos here.