Chapman50 Member, Scott Levitt '03 Elected President of the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce

Scott Levitt.jpg

Chapman50 member Scott Levitt was elected President of the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce on September 14, 2017. This will be Scott's 6th and final year on the Board of the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce, where he served as Vice President the past 2 years. Scott was also recognized as the 2016 Seal Beach Businessman of the Year and recently as Attorney of the Year for Seal Beach by the Sun Newspaper Readers Poll.

In addition, one of Scott's cases was just recently accepted by the CA Supreme Court in a unanimous vote by all six sitting justices. This is significant as the CA Supreme Court accepts less than 125 cases each year, out of nearly 10,000 requests.

In the case, Scott's clients were sued for not paying back a 2nd deed of trust loan, after the lender foreclosed via trustee sale on the 1st deed of trust loan and took their commercial building. The lender held both loans.  Scott won the case in the OC Superior court on a Motion for Summary Judgment, as it had been the long standing rule under the Simon Case and under the Single Action Rule in California, that when a lender forecloses via trustee sale, they waive their deficiency judgment rights. In this case, the lender then appealed the case and won the appeal. Scott petitioned the CA Supreme Court and and was granted review. Scott hopes the case will be heard within the next 6 to 9 months.